About Us

      Henan Furun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company wholly owned by natural persons. Its business scope: biochemical product technology and research and development, new material technology and research and development, bio-based material manufacturing, research and development and sales, chemical product sales (excluding licensed sales) , technology, import and export of goods and agency. And engaged in natural product extraction, pharmaceutical intermediates and API production, research and development and technical services, can provide integrated chemical drug research and development services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, covering APIs, innovative preparations, generic drugs and other fields.

      The company has professional and technical R&D personnel who have been engaged in the development of innovative drugs and generic drugs for many years. Based on the positioning of the pharmaceutical R&D platform, the company has continuously innovated and accumulated rich experience in the integration of production, study and research, the transformation of scientific research results, the development of innovative drugs, and the quality management of the whole life cycle of drugs. . At the same time, it has high-quality management personnel who have been engaged in the trade of pharmaceutical intermediates for many years, with modern market economy concepts, and advanced and flexible management methods, so that Furun biological products can continuously adapt to the needs of market competition.

      The company has a perfect organizational structure, with administrative department, finance department, marketing department, scientific research department, production department and other departments, and the functions of each department are clear. With a brand-new business model and network service as a platform, the company provides an efficient and fast quotation system and complete information and quotations, and provides customers with more efficient and high-quality diversified products with a reliable and stable self-owned production and cooperation base. service. The company adheres to the spirit of unity, progress and pioneering, and customer satisfaction is our lifelong goal and pursuit.

      Establishing an enterprise with integrity and virtue in the world. Professional achievement dream, science and technology achieve the future.

      The company wholeheartedly welcomes letters and calls from customers at home and abroad, and sincerely cooperates and seeks common prosperity on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.