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  Henan Furun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company wholly owned by natural persons. Its business scope: biochemical product technology and research and development, new material technology and research and development, bio-based material manufacturing, research and development and sales, chemical product sales (excluding licensed sales) , technology, import and export of goods and agency. And engaged in natural product extraction, pharmaceutical intermediates and API production, research and development and technical services, can provide integrated chemical drug research and development services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, covering APIs, innovative preparations, generic drugs and other fields.

  The main products produced and operated by the company are: the main products of natural extraction are lentinan, liquiritin, syringin, hollyside, borneol and other natural raw materials; the main products of pharmaceutical intermediates and API are: Dabigatran etexilate ◆Edoxaban ◆Ivabradine hydrochloride ◆Lafutidine ◆Liranaftate ◆Olopatadine hydrochloride ◆Febuxostat ◆Zopidem tartrate Zolpidem tartrate Napidil ◆Propiverine hydrochloride ◆Tofacitinib, etc.

About Us

Core Technology


Use advanced computer-aided drug design technology to promote new drug research and development. Specific applications of CADD include compound structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis, structure-based drug design (SBDD), high-throughput virtual screening (HTVS) and other technologies.

Enzyme Catalysis Technology

Enzyme catalysis technology produces many finished drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates through the production of primary metabolites, intermediate metabolites, secondary metabolites, and catalytic conversion and resolution. It is especially widely used in the production of chiral drugs and intermediates.

Separation Preparation

Suxing has a variety of modes of preparative chromatography separation technology. The preparative liquid system is equipped with a complete range of preparative chromatography columns for normal phase chromatography, reverse phase chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, HILIC chromatography.

Chiral Drug Synthesis

Chiral pharmaceutical chemical preparation methods include chromatographic resolution, chemical resolution, induced crystallization resolution, membrane separation technology and other drug enantiomer resolution, chiral source synthesis method, chiral catalysis method.

Complex Formulations

High-end complex formulations have high technical barriers. Liposomes, intravenous emulsions, microspheres, suspension injections, oil solutions, micelles and other high-end complex preparations have obvious clinical advantages.

Biopharmacological Test

Candidate compounds' drug ability evaluation, preclinical pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics research and toxicity prediction


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